Phase – II : ESI : Government Schemes

Why should you glance through numerous GOVT SCHEMES?

  • Most questions asked by RBI from ‘Social Issues’ portion of the syllabus in 2018 were based on govt schemes
  • These questions formed a sizable chunk of the 2-markers asked in ESI

Why should you glance through NUMEROUS govt schemes?

  • The schemes asked in 2018 were mostly quite old or minor ones, with very few questions from major schemes. Most of us had never come across these schemes during preparation and had to resort to guesswork to achieve a decent score. This introduced the element of ‘luck’ in the 2018 exam
  • This ensured that the ‘smart’ way of studying only major/ flagship/ recently-in-news schemes did not work for this exam
  • How to prepare for this section
    • One way to negate the role of luck is to go through as many schemes during preparation as possible
    • A systematic way of doing this would be visiting the websites of all Union Ministries and making notes from all the schemes listed there
    • Personally, I did not follow this ‘brute-force approach’ in 2018, but if I were to write this exam again, this is the approach I would follow
    • Note 1 : Currently I am trying to prepare a comprehensive document of govt schemes by following above mentioned approach. The file has been added at the end of this post

Why should you GLANCE THROUGH numerous govt schemes?

  • It is next to impossible to memorize (as against glancing through) the salient features of all of the Center’s schemes
  • Thankfully, the manner in which these questions are asked makes things easier. Generally, there’s a paragraph containing salient features of a scheme and then we are asked to answer questions like the scheme’s name, website, Ministry, other features etc
  • Glancing through numerous schemes and then REVISING (very important) these a number of times would ensure that given certain features of a scheme, it would be easy to at least guess the correct scheme from the given options. This in turn would make it easier to answer a few other questions as explained in the example from 2018 ESI paper below

Some tips to guess answers in this section (jugaad explained with example)

  • Scheme asked in 2018 : ‘Scheme Programme for Diaspora Children
  • Details of scheme were given in paragraph with first question asking the scheme’s name. Second question asked the scheme’s website
  • Tip 1 : Studying the paragraph carefully to eliminate 1-2 options for scheme name. Although I don’t remember all the options, there were only 2 similar sounding scheme names in this case which seemed relevant – ‘Scheme Programme for Diaspora Children’ and say ‘NRI Children Scholarship Scheme’. Difficult to choose the correct answer for now, so move on to the next question based on this paragraph
    • Note 1 : Note that the abbreviated forms of above 2 scheme names would be SPDC and NCSS; relevance of this explained later
    • Note 2 : Also note that the answer would be quite obvious to someone who has come across this scheme during preparation. Even if one doesn’t know the details of a scheme, one can tell whether a scheme name indeed exists or is fictional!! Hence the need to visit Ministry websites to get acquainted with various schemes
  • Tip 2 : Viewing all questions from a particular paragraph together and continuously shuffling between them, rather than treating each question as a standalone entity, further helps eliminate options. For example, roughly the options for scheme website question were – ‘’, ‘, ‘’ and ‘’
    • Looking at the options in the 2nd question, it becomes clear that the answer to the 1st question is the full form of SPDC because there is no option with NCSS in it!
    • This has also resulted in successful elimination of 2 options for the 2nd question => double bonaza
  • Tip 3 : Note that govt websites are gradually moving from ‘’ to ‘’ domain these days, especially so since the launch of forum. There are exceptions of course, but since I was guessing answers anyway, I placed my bet on ‘’ and it paid off

Compilation of govt schemes

  • I plan to create a comprehensive (and condensed) document of govt schemes by visiting Ministry websites and listing down all schemes
  • All versions of the file to be appended to the end of this post and the latest version would also be added to the ‘Resources‘ page
  • Updates to the file to be posted on the blog’s Telegram channel
  • PDF containing govt schemes attached below

17 thoughts on “Phase – II : ESI : Government Schemes

  1. Thanks a ton bro for such a thorough compilation of the different schemes. You are like a knight in the shining armour for us aspirants! God bless you bro!


    1. Thanks a lot for the positive feedback, Rahul!


    2. Wonderful..
      Is this cover all schemes..


      1. Hi Karthick, v1.0 of the doc covers almost all the major schemes. I plan on covering minor schemes in future versions of the doc


  2. Hello sir. Thanks for the compilation of different schemes. I am sure it will definitely help in the exam. It will also helpful if you can include portal/ website names.



    1. Hi Deepak, I am working on it. Hope to include these in subsequent versions of the file


  3. Hello Sir, thank you very much for your compilation. This is a mammoth task to list down all the schemes one by one from each ministry, and you have taken all the burden on yourself with much generosity.

    I have only one request. Since we are already following your Govt. schemes v1.0, and from your blog I find that you’re planning to release subsequent versions of the compilation, it would be helpful if you add the changes with highlighted script, or with a side note. By that we don’t have to look for the minor changes that been made in V2.0, and we can quickly glance through the changes.

    Good day, Sir.


    1. Hi Arlo, I do plan on highlighting the changes made with respect to the previous version. However, I won’t be highlighting changes in different versions with different colours. I will only highlight changes in the latest version made with respect to the last uploaded version. For example, in v3.0, I will highlight changes made with respect to v2.0, but not those made with respect to v1.0 (because those would have been covered in v2.0)


      1. Yes, Sir. No problem with that. Thank you. 🙂


  4. Sir, where did you read about mark up inflation because i didn’t get that in ramesh singh book?


    1. Hi Reva, as mentioned in the ‘About’ post, I used Google and Investopedia extensively to learn about new terms and conepts


  5. Thanks alot for your reference materials. Can you please mention the time period for which you have included the schemes. (from when to when in general, just to avoid redundant tasks)
    Thank you.


    1. Hi Saksham, the doc contains most major schemes launched before May 2019 (excluding very old ones from the 90s and earlier). I would soon be updating it with recently launched schemes.


  6. Hello Sir, I appreciate your hard work and very grateful for your help. I tried doing schemes from respective ministry websites but could not able to gather it as there is n number of documents regarding the single scheme. Could you please elaborate more about how to take precise information or which document to follow. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, thanks for the positive feedback. The objective of going through Ministry websites is to get to know as many schemes as possible. The objective is not to know all the schemes in detail. So I don’t think there’s a need to go through many documents for a particular scheme. Just go to the website, make a list of schemes you see over there and get a feel of what that each of the schemes is for. That should suffice. No need to note down minor details of minor schemes because that would be very difficult to memorize.


      1. Thank You.
        I am very grateful for your efforts. All the best for your future endeavours.

        Liked by 1 person

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